Case study 
From idea to prototype: 1 day
Problem definition
The taxi transportation has been in transition due the opening of the legislation for taxi service providers.  Various taxi companies emerged willing to have their share of the market. Taxi companies want to be profiled under their own brand and they all have their own pricing models and service levels. This caused a nightmare for users in terms of price comparison between different service providers.  In order to create a cohesive taxi booking experience, it is important to follow the fair pricing policy and maintaining the booking rates for users.  Fare calculator could be a nice way to compare the taxi providers  for the taxi company for the sake of transparency although the price may change according to selected route.
Use case
User wants to compare taxi prices of the service providers based on his needs and make his decision based on calculated prices and service level.
Targeted User profiles
Occasional user : Many users fall into this category, they use taxi services occasionally when they need to due to bad weather, when they are in hurry. 
Special service users : They need personal assistance and all the companies does not provide this service or it may be offered with extra cost.
Other User profiles:
Comfort user : They prefer to use taxi often because it´s handy, they can afford it, and they know what they get. Perhaps they even use the same driver.
Business user : Pricing does not influence to their mobility because the employer pays it anyways.