Taita (eng. bend, swe. vika) is a lounge chair made from 16 mm thick sheet of Re-board. It´s 100% recyclable. With it´s brilliant structure it´s extremely rigid, easy to build up and durable. The project was comissioned by Stora Enso for Luxepack 2012 in Monaco.
Material and Structure
Re-board can be digitally printed or finished with decorative laminates to achieve stunning results. The unique engineered fluted core allows the Re-board® sheet to be rapidly cut into any conceivable shape. Big impact, small CO2 footprint structures are feasible using Re-board as a substrate. Re-board® is the most ecofriendly
material of its kind and is the first board in the world to independently measure it’s CO2 emissions. 16mm Re-board CO2 emission/SQM = 2kgs, based on CEPI and ISO 14040 guidelines. ( 16 mm chipboard Re-board 6kg ) It´s low weight decreases CO² emissions in transportation. The structure of Taita chair is cut from a single sheet of Re-board.
The innovation within this chair lies in it’s efficient and ecological material. Taita can be easily scaled down to fit for children also. It can be used in public places; showrooms, fairs, kindergardens and etc. Variable and efficient use of this chair is unique in this field of design. This concept shows that products like this can be designed without
compromises in ergonomics, easthetics and in eco-friendliness.
                                                 Picture 1. & 2. Scale model of Taita-chair.
The die cut layout of Taita-chair.

                                                 Picture 3. The die cut layout of Taita -chair scale model.

                                                 Picture 4. Chair Dimensions: Width: 740 mm, Depth: 615 mm, Height: 800 mm

                                                Picture 5. Taita-chair in Luxepack Monaco 2012.