The concept
One Eighty is a designed to be a sculptural, aesthetic and functional. By using the product, the packaging shapes into a different forms. Geometrical shapes create interesting patterns that live through the product. One Eighty is a perfect example of replacing old material with renewable materials in an exciting and innovative way. It replaces the old tubes, that use plastic as their main material. The design of the One Eighty packaging is revolutionary in the field of renewable packaging and it creates a whole new consumer experience. 
Structure (Equilateral triangle 60°+60°+60°= One Eighty)
One Eighty is based on a triangular pattern that makes the material behave in a unique way when squeezed. The structure is flexible, but rigid. The shape of the packaging transforms every time it’s used creating sculptural forms. It offers an interesting haptic experience that changes with every touch. In addition to the functional aspects, the pattern used folds the product to its unique forms.
After using the product the packaging is can be squeezed flat. The plastic cap, which is polyurethane welded, can be separated from the fiberboard body. One Eighty uses renewable fibreboard that is PE coated, this is why it’s carbon footprint is much lower than using old plastic packaging as a base material. The material has also a good barrier features. This is why the packaging can be used widely in the field of liquid products.
About the brief & competition
New, innovative and sustainable designs for cosmetics packaging using Stora Enso's Ensocoat packaging board were created in the Recreate Packaging 2012 contest, which was organised for design students at selected universities and art academies around the world by Stora Enso and the International Design Business Management programme (IDBM) of Aalto University of Helsinki, Finland.
The purpose of the contest was to challenge packaging conventions and increase the use of renewable materials in demanding consumer packaging. Entries were submitted for three categories of cosmetics packages: (1) primary package for cream, (2) primary package for a liquid beauty care product and (3) primary package for any other cosmetics, beauty care or health care product.
Forty-four entries created by 67 individual students from seven countries were received by the organisers, whose criteria for assessing the entries were:
• innovative use of the packaging material 
• aesthetics of the package 
• market potential of the solution 
• sustainability of the solution 
• functionality of the package
Based on these criteria, an international jury of packaging and design experts did a thorough assessment of the submitted entries and nominated the winners of each category.
Fourteen entries were received for the category Primary Package for Cream. The jury selected as the winner "One Eighty" by Juho Kruskopf, Arttu Kuisma and Nikolo Kerimov.
Jury’s comments: “This packaging has huge business potential. It can be used for all kinds of product families, and can replace very big volumes of non-recyclable materials. The use of material is thoughtful, and the functionality and aesthetics of the texture make sense. Not revolutionary, but simple, One Eighty stands out as a production-ready design with extremely wide range of possible end use applications.”
– The jury of Stora Enso’s Recreate Packaging contest 2012