Redesigning ticket validator UI for HRT new tariff system

The project was to understand the existing interaction steps, identify the key issues that the user faces and redesign the user interface and interaction of the current system for new tariff zones in the Capital Region of Finland for 2018 (I).
1. Improving the interaction and user experience of the current system.
2. Redesigning the user interface enabling new zones in 2018 (or future).
The inspiration for this project emerges from the old ticket validator (II), to which the local citizens have been used to with addition extendability of two new zones D, which will be presented in the future and E for far future.
Our aim was to deliver the same service path for one and one +  passenger to guarantee consistent usability path to avoid confusion between these choices.
Project duration: 2 weeks
2016 in collaboration with HRT (Helsinki Regional Transport)
Other team members: Marina Baranova I Taru Parikka I Daniel Gustafsson 
My role: Design Research, Conceptualization of UI & UX
The heurestic evaluation included measuring following: 
(A) Accessibility- legibility and readability, guidance
(U) Usability- touch screen ergonomics , perceivability, orientation, consistency , responsivity
(UX) User Experience - flow, playfulness, mood and brand, interactivity

Process pictures: Light user testing of paper, mock-ups; Sketching ideas and creating paper mock-ups; Heuristical evaluation of current system and planning for new tariffs.