My Story

Hello, my name is Juho, a designer from Helsinki.  I grew-up among inferior products in a working class neighborhood in Raisio, Southern Finland (with due respect to my parents). Having an eye for quality at a young age gradually became obsessed with the aesthetics of things. This fascination with design eventually induced me to enroll at the Lahti Institute of Design. I started following the product design scene daily, breathing and living it. Doing so, I started to feel that the physical environment we live in, shaped by the physical products we use, is often saturated. This thought distracted me and encouraged me to deepen my understanding of the design field in the form of taking up to Master´s studies at Aalto University. Thought of trying to understand how people´s mind works over their physiology felt  compelling and challenging, therefore I chose the program of Collaborative and Industrial Design, shifting my focus towards digital products and services.

I have been involved many areas what design can offer from physical objects, packages, artistic projects to digital products and services. That has been a conscious journey, and taught me urge to understand the complexity of world by thinking often how the product relate to it´s competitors, market and impact to society and also being involved and listening other stakeholders and learning from them. Today´s successful products are created having users and customers in mind; with them and for them.​​​​​​​ With an attention to detail, make people´s lives easier and joyful are in the heart of what I like to do as a designer. I also like challenges, which can improve the world being a little bit better and more beautiful place to live.
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